Essence from the sea

Küstlichkeiten delivers fish and shellfish from the Wadden and North Sea. We work together  with the Dutch cooperation “Goede vissers” who are a fishery collective that stand for small scale and quality fishery. Because of the direct link to the Northsea our fresh assortment has an unequalled taste and quality.


     Küstlichkeiten’s declaration of principles and beliefs


      Fish is an extraordinary food, but also a limited resource. Therefore it should be enjoyed with care and contentment.

      We work with local fish that comes from the waters of North-Western Europe. The fish stocks are monitored. The different species of fish are caught in season so the fish have had enough time to mature and reproduce.

      To maintain the unparalleled quality of wild seafood, we should sustain the ecosystems that provide us with them. We see artisanal fishermen as guardians of these ecosystems.

      Aquaculture is a destructive practice. Following the path of industrial animal husbandry is not sustainable, and therefore not the way forward. We don’t sell aquaculture and don’t support it.

      To provide the freshest products, we work primarily with short supply chains, which allows us to closely monitor quality and service. 

      Contrary to the big certifying labels, we believe that one small-scale fisherman’s years of experience the daily practice of fishing makes the difference when it comes to sustainability and quality.

      Enjoy and explore the diversity of the sea. There is a world of lesser known edible fish varieties to discover.

      Avoid the following types: aquaculture fish of any kind, for instance aquaculture salmon, pangasius, tilapia and tiger prawns. Overfished species like tuna should also be avoided.



If you would like to learn more about sustainable fishery, we recommend Slowfish




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